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Philosophy Club Topics

October 3 Martey Dodoo The Right To Kill When (if ever) is it right to take someone's life? Can one be obligated to commit murder, or is this in itself wrong?
October 10 Hansun Hsiung Logic What is logic? How is it important in our everyday lives, and why must we know about it?
October 17 Andrew Benincasa Determinism Do we have free will, or is our life able to be predicted completely? What is God's role in this? Are all humans just acting out on a stage of universal scale, or are we simply acting out our individual whims?
November 14 Benjamin Weiner Fascism Is fascism simply a maligned form of government whose time has simply not yet come, or an obsolete political theory?
November 28 Martey Dodoo Bioethics I The first part of a two week series. Discussion subtopics include cloning.
December 5 Martey Dodoo Bioethics II The second part of a two week series. Discussion subtopics include the Raelians, and general technological advances.
December 12 Martey Dodoo Ethics I A preliminary exploration of morality and ethics, focused on the Ethics Exam.
December 19 Martey Dodoo Ethics II A continuation of the previous week's exploration of morality and ethics, focused on the Ethics Exam.
January 16 Jessica Noll Extraordinary Humanity The natural thinking process of humans, as well as the emotional aspects of being the odd one out in a society.
January 30 Matthew Maurice Existentialism The twentieth century's most influential philosophy, its meaning, and its implication in society.
February 6 Alex Engel Participation The issue of active participation in Philosophy Club, or why the members of Philosophy Club are not existentialists.
February 13 Martey Dodoo Totalitarianism The twentieth century's most influential governmental system, its strong points, and why Philosophy Club deserves a totalitarian government.
February 27 Amanda Milstein Homosexuality The Philosophy Club holds a joint meeting with the Hun School's newest club, the Gay/Straight Alliance.
March 6 Bryan Suchenski Philosophology The philosophy of philosophy. The essential question of philosophology is "Why do we philosophize?" Philosophology deals with the meaning of philosophy, whether or not a philosopher's life can be meaningful (given that he does nothing and only thinks), and the origin of human curiosity.
March 27 Martey Dodoo Heroism On the death of heroism in modern times.
April 3 Martey Dodoo TBA
April 10 Dave Fine Religion
April 17 Hansun Hsiung The Aesthetics of Art What makes art? Is Warhol art? How about *NSYNC?
April 24 Martey Dodoo TBA
May 15 TBA TBA
May 22 TBA TBA
May 29 TBA TBA

Leadership of discussion topics is restricted to members of the Philosophy Club, the Hun School of Princeton community, and any qualified persons willing to speak. Approval is subject to the discretion of the leadership of the Philosophy Club. It is assumed that all of the information submitted in this form is true. If it is not, be aware that the Philosophy Club has no moral scruples in coming after you.

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