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Welcome to the Society of the Mind: A Consortium of Intelligent Thought

or, the Philosophy Club

Table of Contents

The History of the Philosophy Club

     The Hun School Philosophy Club was founded in 1998 by Richard Suchenski. Meetings were originally held Thursdays during Activities Period in Room 104, under the supervision of Dr. Magette. The first couple of meetings had large turnouts, mainly due to snacks provided by Richard. However, these crowded, loud forums proved to be a negative environment for discussion. With the absence of the snacks, the group shrank to a more manageable number. And thus, the Philosophy Club was born!

    The above optimistic drivel was written by, one, Martey Dodoo, former head of Philosophy Club ('01-'01 school year.)  Though in no way is his brief chronicle inaccurate, it is the opinion of the current webmaster that certain additions and elucidations must be made so that the casual viewer may fully appreciate the extent of Hun Philosophy.  

    There is no particular point of departure which might be deemed "best", and with that in mind, we jump into the true fray of things -- the present -- September 2002.  

    A mere walk down the road, Rich Suchenski has begun his sophomore year at Princeton University.  Intimidated by the mathematics involved, Richard has decided to abandon his long-cherished ambition to enter the world of theoretical astrophysics, and instead pursue a degree in Japanese, ostensibly to...well...better understand anime, although at heart good ol' Dick S. just needs a quick excuse for his extensive hentai collection.

    In his wake (although after two years "wake," perhaps, is not the most suitable term), the Philosophy Club has undergone rather dramatic surgery.  

    This site is still undergoing dramatic surgery.  As is this "History of the Philosophy Club."  Until next time, gentle reader.

Current Leadership

The current leadership of the Philosophy Club is:
  1. Hansun Hsiung
  2. Helen Yurchenco
  3. Brian Suchenski
Philosophy Club currently meets in Room 202, during Activities Period, every Wednesday.

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